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January 23, 2013


Bruce Carter

Hello TT,

First of all, welcome back and (gee wiz) this covers all I ever wanted to know about making veal stock and them some. Also, why do you need a body guard, and is it Kevin Costner?

pals- BC

Kristine Sweet

Welcome home!!!Love and miss you!

Kathy Hoover

"It feels like you are all the way back where you belong." You are such an inspiration to us all. Here's to your new life and new beginnings. We are blessed to have you back.
Welcome Home!!!
I love you.


Welcome back!!! Here's to transformation, which is nothing without its share of darkness and intruders--both literal (in your shower!) and metaphorical.

Looks to me like one oven is plenty and certainly enough to bake some actualization.


The Town Tart

Thank you so much, Stacey! There is a sign that now hangs on my wall in the kitchen (appropriately enough!) that reads "Change is Good." It isn't always easy, but I'll cling to the notion that good can come from it! Thank you for stopping by! xox

The Town Tart

Krissy! Thank you so much! I love you and miss you. Send your momma my love and love from my momma too!!! xox

The Town Tart

Thank you Momma!!! :)

Julia C

Welcome back! We missed you!

The Town Tart

Thank you Jules!!! xox

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