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October 13, 2009



Those cupcakes do seem like a lot of work, but worth it. The attention to detail that Trophy puts into every cupcake just boggles my mind! It sounds like they tasted amazing recreated at home--hooray!

Sue in Atlanta

You can't tell me you haven't cooked since October!!! Ahhh - like living in a barron, dry desert waiting for the rainy season :-)



For me, there can never be enough cupcakes! My weakness is pastries and especially icing.


I am having my mom and sister over for lunch on Mom's day. :) We three are all moms. I think that cupcakes sound like a wonderful thing to make :)

Oh dearest Tart, how I've missed you!
I know this petit perfection well-- though I didn't have the pleasure to taste it. I *seriously* doubt you've peaked with this creation, and will find a new sweet decadent thing to wow us with!

Mark @ Chef Basket

This is a delicious looking cupcake and no need to apologize for not posting we all get busy with that crazy thing called life.


The photo alone is tempting me to try out this recipe but if you're saying this is the pinnacle of cupcakes, now i have to try it!

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