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Cookbooks Reviewed

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January 18, 2009


Patrick Larrance

Nice to have you back

Susan Drescher

OMG - I didn't know you were a foodie!! I too have about every cookbook you mention plus hundreds more . . . I love to read cookbooks -- they seem like novels to me . . . ease in with the appetizers and after the story climaxes in the third act (main courses), finish the story off with a few desserts . . . lovely!

I've always felt the same way about Cat Cora - in my opinion the least notable or perhaps only least celebrated of the Iron Chefs, but your review has inspired me.

I was blessed with a mother who is an exceptional cook - one of those people that can look in the frig and whip up something fabulous - no recipe - just instinct. Since I have so much extra time on my hands suddenly . . . perhaps I'll be blessed with great new recipes and capturing some of those gifts that I most cherish in my Mom as I wander through giving this book a try!

Susan Drescher
The Herder of Cats

The Town Tart

Patrick: Thank you! :)

Susan: How wonderful to find I have a foodie friend in you! Thank you for stopping by! You'll have to send me your list of favorite cookbooks... I may be missing some! :)


Okay, so I live with a non-red meat eating man and every time I read your entries with red meat (which who would ever want to live without?) I just cringe with joy. It's like one huge goose pimple. Between his dislike of red meat and cheese I can't win. I'm coming to live with you and the Mayor. I'll make some green sauce as a security deposit, and you know I'll work for food. Hee Hee. Wendy

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