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December 13, 2006



Well after reading your post I don't think I want it!

Have you had any takers?

I agree with you as I too like precise instructions when following a recipe. I also like a picture so I know what's it's meant to look like.

Kelly Dudley

If you didn't dispose of Nigel, give him one more chance.

make his colognese.

It's not traditional in the slightest, but it is the staple for heartbroken visitors on a pilgrimage to my kitchen for tomatoey comfort.

Kelly Dudley

And his Bolognese.

That's good too.

Engage brain before pressing Post.


Its been more than four years since your post but having just made the lime tart myself, I have to disagree with you. I love it. It wasn't like scrabled eggs at all, although I must admit I beat the eggs and sugar more than a few seconds but was careful not to let them get frothy, as instructed. the result was a lovely lime tart that I shared with my colleagues and husband. Maybe you were unlucky, is all. I'd give the book another go... IF you havent already disposed of it.

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