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November 15, 2006



My sweet, dear father is a huge fan of this book and gave me a copy years ago but I've never had the heart to tell him that the recipes don't work!!! He and his wife cook from it a lot but they never really follow recipes, and are always switching things around and cutting corners. Granted, their food turns out well, but when I've tried anything from this, it's bombed. But of course, I can't bring myself to get rid of the book. My dad would be so sad... ;)


Now, I feel terrible that someone out there actually treasures this book! Jeez, don't tell your father what I wrote! Tell him I love the tapenade!

The thing is, I expect to follow a recipe first, as given, to the letter, and have it work. I can later tweak it, but I want things to work as written! Not unlike your very funny experience with the bison sauce!


I sympathize with your state of cookbook disappointment -- we've all been there. But look at all the cool tips & tricks you discoverd along the way:
1. rosemary/apples combo
2. garlic-infused sugar syrup (hilarious that the recipe said to throw out the best part!)
3. tomato soup w/ garlic quark

not to mention the truely treasured tapenade recipe.

Sure, this doesn't change the fact that the recipes themselves are mostly duds, but with good ideas tucked away here and there (even if they don't quite occur to the cookbook author) the book's not a total waste.


Dave: Yes, you are so right. Now, can you think of something to do with sweet garlic syrup? It's gotta be good for something besides licking the spoon!


Hm... an interesting question. I'll bet the garlic sugar syrup could be used as a base for a meat glaze -- add some orange zest or maybe grapefruit juice and brush it onto a ham or duck breast while roasting. Try making the syrup using part or all brown sugar. Or it could be used to make some interesting candies -- add some chili into the mix to create a sweet-spicy concotion. I'm brainstorming here, so I have no idea if these would actually work (I've never made a glaze with grapefruit juice either) - but if it's as delicious as you say then there's got to be somewhere for that deliciousness to go!


Okay Dave, you have sent me over the edge! A meat glaze is a fantastic idea! And the candy is truly inspired. You could be an Iron Chef!

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