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January 14, 2006



Call me crazy, I know. I would normally NEVER EVER eat at one of those roadside roach coaches but thee absolute best seafood cocktails and seafood tostadas to be had is in Higland Park. Take the 110 North, exit Avenue 45 (make a hairpin turn to the left from the freeway) take this to Figueroa, make a right (you'll see a Jack 'n the Box on the corner) Go up about a 1/2 a mile and on your right you'll see a bright blue truck (for the life of me I can't think of the name of it right now...hey the Boston cold is eating up my brain cells) anyway, the truck sits in front of a park (closed Tuesdays) Order the mixtado cocktail with hot sauce AND order a mixtado or just shrimp tostada (I actually prefer the pulpo (squid) or abalone and squid myself, but novices usually like to stick to the shrimp. This man has been there for over 20 years, I ate there three times a week for five years ('til the quest for job security made me leave the west coast) the sauce for the cocktails and the spread on the tostadas will be worth the trip. Trust Me, if I'm only home for 24 hours I visit In and Out and this seafood truck. It's got to be the 26th best mexican food in L.A. Try it.


The best seafood in the word. This place always mega busy so that means a good turnout which translates to super fresh seafood. This place is my absolute #1 seafood treasure on my list.

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